The First Singularity: Serenade of Pain

The mechanized creature, who wandered down the narrow hall of the prison chamber, did not seem to possess the humane nature of any civilized being. It had instead begun to sing in a sorrowful, yet beautiful voice, followed by an ugly, tortuous wailing. These demonic verses, sung endlessly by the grotesque mass of black flesh, scratched fear into the mind of Noah Grayson, for he had never listened to a horror that ripped so violently at the foundation of his humanity the way that this atrocity did to him. In the moments that followed, he closed the prison door, attempting to stay hidden within the shadows. Gnawing at its right limb, cracked bone and metallic technology appeared harmoniously together beneath a thin layer of flesh. A feeling of disgust then filled the eyes of Noah Grayson as a tight sensation pulsed in his abdomen. And until the disturbing sight passed on by, Noah remained still, as terrible memories came flooding through the tears that streamed down his face.

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The First Singularity: Trials of the Asmodeus

Solar wind rushed through the thermal vents of the Asmodeus, a vessel which once served dually as a sadistic prison and a laboratory whose psychopathic researchers, each possessing a genius level intellect and grotesque, technology-infused anatomy, were bent on the study of the manipulation of stars, thus the producing of excessive levels of solar wind. It is now within the Asmodeus that a rare human soul lay imprisoned by the chains of these ancient Vorakian overlords, immortal creatures whose origin is derived from the planet Tes’laran. This strange vessel served as a mass relay through the fabric of time, located within a pocket dimension that lay dormant inside the very galaxy that harbors Sol. It still stands that never has an imprisoned wanderer managed to rip off the parasitic tentacles that slither their way into the minds of the unworthy, for that is the only way to escape the horrifying bowels of the Asmodeus. Many years ago before the dawn of our ancient civilizations, the Asmodeus had been built with the sole purpose to torture millions of beings throughout the multiverse in order to progress the search for infinite knowledge. That was, until the siege of the Asmodeus several centuries ago, which freed millions of enslaved cosmic beings. That, however, was a long time ago, for the Asmodeus has returned. And the ancient Tes’laranian lords of old shall now arise from their slumber, and continue to seek the salvation of their homeworld through their possession of infinite knowledge, no matter the atrocities they must inflict upon the multiverse itself or the many forms of darkness that shall become unveiled.

It is now within the Asmodeus’ high security prison chambers that First Lieutenant Noah Grayson, the only mortal able to exist within a singular instance throughout the entirety of the multiverse, finds himself imprisoned. With his mind wandering, Noah continues to try to understand the meaning behind both his capture and his imprisonment aboard the innards of the Asmodeus. For years on end, he had studied social sciences, which led him astray into the field of archaeology, yet he had no intention of stumbling upon the horrors that lie within the abyss that is the cosmos. An eerie sound wave vibrated through the virus infested air as Noah struggled to stand, pain searing through his bones. He then commenced to survey the area, finding no sight of humanity, a terrifying sensation of loneliness. Down the daunting corridor he heard the sorrowful wailing of a lonesome creature. And as that single wandering vagabond turned its head, it revealed a mechanized mass of flesh staring into the eyes of Noah Grayson.

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Character Development: Electrix


//Physiological//And//Psychological/ Report//

//Performed//By//Dr. Samuel Caldwell, Ph.D//



Known Aliases: Electrix; The Voltaic Vindicator

Real Name: Unknown

Species: Tes’laranian

Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Tes’laranian

Age: Approximately 127 Earth Years

Height: 6’2’’

Weight: 222 lbs; 100.7 kg

Hair Color: N/A

Skin Color: Violet

Eye Color: Egyptian Blue

Place of Birth: Sector 7E29C of the Coronis system; The planet of Tes’laran

Marital Status: Single

Religion: Follower of the Storm Spirit (Slave cult on Tes’laran who worship the storm spirit, Va’thraeus. The Tyvorial species completely rejects the existence of the god of the storm, and the Vorakians bow to the god of destruction and war)

Known Relatives: Unknown; none

Occupation: Stormchild of Va’thraeus; prisoner of war; enemy of the state



Electrix was born into a cruel society of warmongers and exiles, leading him into the life of a prisoner of war. He was flogged and beaten during the time he spent in slaving camps, where he would repair broken Tes’laranian technology. These traumatic experiences changed his personality to great measures. He has already endured a lot of pain and misery, and I am skeptical that his soul (or his body) will survive the testing the government will conduct in the days to come.


Moving on, when faced with great adversity, he refuses to let himself submit to cowardice or fear. His pride holds his emotions locked inside of him. It takes a bond of great trust before the secrets that he holds can be shown. His indomitable will keeps him from quitting even when the tide is not in his favor.


The memories of the darkness on Tes’laran seem to fade away at times when he allows himself to forget the pain. His personality thrives from engaging in intelligent conversations




Adaptive– Electrix holds an innate ability to rapidly adapt to his surroundings. This is a vital racial trait of Tes’laranians who need to constantly observe and adapt to their environment because of the harsh nature of Tes’laran and its inhabitants.


Decisive– When confronted with a critical decision, he is able to decide what course of action to take. This is due to the rapid patterns in which Tes’laranians tend to think and process information.


Observant– The advanced architecture or structure of his neural system allows Electrix to be expertly observant through rapid patterns of thought. This enables him to have an extended attention span  when engaging in conversation. He also has a keen sense of focus.




Skeptical– Due to the traumatic experience his captives forced him to endure as a prisoner of war, Electrix often displays a difficulty when placing trust in the metaphorical hands of his peers. From the many tests I have performed upon him, I can also conclude that this alien being may be a threat to the national security of the United States, and possibly even the world. Further observation is suggested.


Hesitant/Dubious– As is the case with Electrix thus far, a vast majority of his personality profile is impacted or influenced by his time on the extraterrestrial mining planet of Tes’laran, located in sector 7E29C of the Coronis system, which is located millions of lightyears away from Earth. The subject is often hesitant to believe in himself. This is partially due to his inability to protect someone that he once loved.


Loyal– Although many of my superiors believe this to be a virtue, I waver in my belief of whether or not this is in fact true. Instead, I find it obvious that this is not the case and that fierce loyalty should be associated with character flaws. To the point, I strongly believe that Electrix eventually displays signs of fierce loyalty.



Literature– It seems as if the subject spent time reading during his quinquennium long voyage to Earth. Through observing neural patterns and the many scans I have performed on the subject, I have concluded that literature of all natures intrigues him, especially epic poetry.


Loyalty– I have witnessed sparks of electricity jolt beautifully through the nearly translucent skin that surrounds his cranium. I have also recorded and decoded the patterns of thought, which is in of itself a magnificent event to observe. These patterns suggest that loyalty is again a very prominent factor that is inked deep within his psyche. He often displays a fierce sense of loyalty to Tes’laran no matter what sort of torture we inflict upon him.


Licorice– The subject seems to be fond of any flavor of licorice. I find this discovery an odd occurrence.



Technology– I have learned that the subject is an adept in reconstructing advanced Tes’laranian warfare weaponry and equipment, as well as ancient Tes’laranian mining equipment (ships, freighters, etc). This could prove useful should we decide to utilize the subject (the other option being eradication). The memory scan I performed on him allowed me to see that he spent most of his time on Tes’laran rebuilding and repairing broken weapons of war through a slaving system.


Pilot Training– Due to his voyage through deep space, I have concluded that Electrix has had extensive practice with the helming of various forms of spacecraft (such as freighters, warships, cruisers, etc).


Basic Martial Defense Skills– During a recent physiological combat analysis, I discovered that the subject was trained basic defense skills while taking refuge aboard a spacecraft (the latter I found through questioning subject 001).


Superb Agility– The subject displays expert level agility and responsiveness. This is due to the intricate anatomy of his neural system.


Parkour– With the innate ability of acute focus and increased agility, subject 001 is beginning to display the physical and mental prowess to be able to perform expert level parkour.



Electromagnetism– Subject 001 appears to have a deep physiological and psychological connection with the electromagnetic force (one of the four fundamental interactions in nature, the others being weak nuclear energy, gravitational energy, and strong nuclear energy), specifically the manipulation of electrically charged particles found within electromagnetic fields. This occurrence has the potential for our medical experts to perform experimental reverse engineering procedures. I have also found that the subject has the ability to produce a rather powerful, yet unstable (at the time being of course) electromagnetic field of his own.

Electromagnetic Shield– Electrix has the ability to create a resistant shield using his manipulation of electromagnetism. This manifestation of his control over the electromagnetic fields allows him to withstand over 444822.16000000003 newtons of pressure (approximately 50 short tons → 100,000 pounds).

Electric (EME) Phasing (Theory)– Subject 001 is beginning to display even more of his power (undoubtedly because we are forcing him to do so). I have witnessed multiple manifestations of his control of the electromagnetic fields on Earth. I believe that it is possible for him to be able to manipulate the atmosphere’s electromagnetic fields in a way that allows him to phase into pure electromagnetic energy.


Other Abilities Include: Enhanced Physical Strength, Resilience, Extreme self awareness (for example, the subject’s behavior reveals that his conscious is a prominent factor in all of the decisions he makes), etc.

Paraphernalia (Equipment, Weapons, etc.):


Tes’laranian Plate Armor– This advanced metal ore is rare even on the planet of its origin (now that Tes’laran has been nearly destroyed). Electrix wears a chest plate (along with the occasional shoulder/shin/forearm guards) made of this rare metal. This plate armor has several mystical and natural properties (i.e. it has the ability to conduct electricity, convert other forms of energy [for example → heat energy, nuclear energy, etc] into electromagnetic waves [which can then be absorbed into usable EME energy], etc).


Tes’laranian Gunship– (Integrated with the neural patterns of Subject 001’s mind, this gunship is located deep within the Coronis system, laying dormant in the realm of Erebos-Kiron)


→ This is unknown to both Dr. Caldwell and Subject 001 (Electrix)


Reminiscence Data Collector (RDC Device)– Given to Subject 001 during his voyage through deep space with the alien being he refers to as Vol-aar. The recordings include those of her memories. That is all that Subject 001 would reveal about this mysterious device.

Ancient Tes’laranian Spacefaring Uniform– Once worn by the ancient (and supposedly immortal) Tes’laranian race that terraformed the entirety of the Coronis system, this methodically engineered suit is the uniform that the subject was wearing during the moment of his capture. Subject 001 has requested that he be given his belongings back (of which include the uniform, along with the RDC device, the Tes’laranian armor, the starship he arrived in [which was salvaged and stored somewhere within this facility], etc). The uniform has displayed the capability to integrate with any form of technology, and can withstand extreme conditions (such as water/air pressure, cold temperatures, heat energy, extreme levels of nuclear energy, etc).

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1. In 100 words or less, describe your character. This should be a summation of the entire character concept.

Originating from the forested planet of Tes’laran within the Coronis galaxy, the alien being known as Electrix undertook a quinquennium long voyage in order to escape the slavers that tortured him on his homeworld, both physiologically and psychologically. Now he finds himself set on a path to uncover the meaning behind the mystical dreams that endlessly haunt him, and soon, he must confront the being known as the Forsaken within the cosmic dust ridden prison realm known as Erebos-Kiron, in order to protect Tes’laran, and perhaps the entirety of the known universe.

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Chapter One: Voyage Into the Cosmos


Beyond the dark and cosmic depths of the Coronis System lies the mining planet known as Tes’laran. The inhabitants of ancient Coronis praised the planet and its neighboring satellite, Alokin, for its rich mining industry. Many years ago in a world less damaged, the system of Coronis flourished with ages of prosperous economical success. Throughout those years of substantial growth, the native species of Tes’laran were not void of conflict, it seems. For thousands of millennia, the wars between the Tyvorial lords and the Vorakian exiles ravaged the forested lands, causing countless rips into the fabric of society. This was foretold in the ancient folklore of Tes’laran, as were the events that followed. In those sacred legends that covered the ancient lands long ago, there were a many who once believed that the storm spirit Va’thraeus would send forth a soul through the spectral realm with the power to end the reign of the one who would one day burn Tes’laran with the darkest of prides. This tale of myth, however, was to follow a sanguinary war that has continuously worn the material realm with pain and misery for ages. It is recorded that the wrath of Va’thraeus would then unleash itself upon the land of Tes’laran. And perhaps even beyond the Coronis System.


-Dr. Sam Caldwell, Ph.D.



Part One: The Vorakian Elder

There he stood a black, cold fusion of metal and flesh. His deep violet skin and sinewy musculature was indeed similar to the creatures of my homeworld. He continued to eerily repeat words in the ancient Tes’laranian tongue, of which disappeared long ago. I had nearly abandoned such thought of my planet. Still, the mangle of skin and tech muttered in the ancient script. I strangely understood what the creature spoke of, as if I knew the ancient tongue myself. He spoke of the oblivion of Tes’laran. He then quietly spoke my name with an obsessive tonality in his voice. He did this many times; blackness seemingly enveloping his voice. And then I noticed an unusual field of electricity droning through the air as the creature raised his head.


“Electrix,” He murmured, instantly silencing my thoughts. “Welcome to the ancient warship known as the Asmodeus V,”

I could see tubular and flexible pipes attached from wall to wall, with a black liquid running through them. I followed the length of the tubes, only to find that the creature was injecting the fluid into his spinal cord.


“I have been monitoring you for a long time, stormchild. I know of what you are. How you were imprisoned on our homeworld. And how you abandoned your home, leaving it to burn in the chaos,” Spat the hideous creature. His iris’ were silver, producing a cold and calculating stare.


“On the authority of the United Nations, I order you to surrender the Asmodeus V,” I declared.


“Child of Va’thraeus, I hereby sentence your soul to eternal imprisonment within the ethereal planes of the cosmic dust ridden wasteland known as the pocket dimension, Erebos-Kiron. There you shall suffer until I have need of you again,”


“I did not enter your realm to hear of false prophecies. Surrender the warship unto custody of the United Nations at once,”


“Foolish stormchild, I have no intention to yield until I take what is mine,” Said the creature with a cryptic tone as he ripped the tubes from his back.


“What you speak of will bring war upon the multiverse” I stated, intending to establish a diplomatic stance.


“I am aware of the war that will be ravaged upon the multiverse, for it has also been foretold. I have traveled endlessly between the stars and throughout the abyss that is deep space so that I may don the title of saviour of Tes’laran. However, I first must acquire the blood of the child of Va’thraeus. Ever since the cataclysm, stormchild, I have aspired to bring upon the death of the spirit of Va’thraeus itself, but I suppose you shall suffice,” Spoke the creature. “And once I stand over your corpse, it will be then that I absorb your essence into my tech and then wield the power of a god I shall,”


“I am not the stormchild that you righteously claim me to be,” I said.


“Enough of this. I am annoyed with the ignorance that slithers through your mind. I shall be your undoing. Now no more talking, stormchild, for it is time to embrace my own prophecy. It is time to meet your end,”


“Very well, creature. We will do it your way,” I proclaimed steadily.


“And know this, stormchild, I am no creature. I do not appreciate you declaring me as so, for I am a cyborg, an integration of flesh and metal plating. And you may call me the Forsaken,”

The twisted cyborg spoke with a loathsome yet calm inflection in his voice. The rebreather melted to his jaw had synthesized with his flesh, suggesting that he had not yet adapted to the atmospheric pressure on Earth.

“I will say it again. Surrender the Asmodeus V, for I do not wish to wage battle with you,”


“No, stormchild, this–this I can not do,” Said the cyborg with hate in his voice.


The currents of electricity in the air began to violently crackle and sizzle through the air, causing his conductive metal armor to then charge the generator bound to his spinal cord, fueled with a black liquid. His power began to increase exponentially, spheres of electricity were forming in the palms of his metallic hands. The murky blackness within his eyes was eerily familiar. I had seen this darkness before, during my years of enslavement on Tes’laran. The grotesque cyborg was a Vorakian elder, a foul priest bent on the salvation of our homeworld. My thoughts were then interrupted as immense jolts of staggering electromagnetic energy burst from his armored gauntlets. The massive bolts slammed into my chest, sending my body hurling onto the floor. Heat began to radiate off of the metal plating strapped to my chest. I threw the metal armor aside as I stood to face the cyborg once more. Without a dent to my resolve, I absorbed the entirety of the electromagnetic energy lingering in the air. I followed that by clenching my hands and then striking the cyborgian creature several times, sparks of electricity bursting on each impact. This barely phased him, however, as the cyborg took me by the throat, his cold gauntlets were made of refined Tes’laranian metal. I managed to amplify the electricity and then discharge waves of violent electromagnetic energy, blasting both myself and the cyborg across the vessel’s science chamber. As I held my abdominal section in pain, I walked toward the cyborg. I then released an intense yet contained burst of electricity, in the process destroying his armor plating. I followed this by draining the energy while he was in his weakened state. The hideous doppelganger then lied incapacitated, his critical systems were brutally damaged and failing, and some of the technology on his body had been ripped off during the battle.


Following the fortuitous encounter I had with the being known as the Forsaken, I sensed an emptiness within my soul, as if I would forever be haunted by the words that the cyborgian priest uttered as he met his ill fate within the bowels of the Asmodeus V.

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The Journal of Gregori Sadova (Entry Seven)


This is the final entry that I will be recording. Snow continues to cover the city streets. I had hoped to get out of Stalingrad and head for Moscow. That seems a distant memory now, though I did manage to find that old house where the smell of roasted coffee was strong and where I always kept my family safe. On the dining table there was a brief note signed by Kira. I had only hoped that I could have survived long enough to see them again. But I fear that the black gates of hell close in on the city of Stalingrad, as well as my darkened heart. I despise this place with hatred nearly unmatched, yet I hope the demons of rage and hunger rip apart the Nazi regime, for they deserve no less. This war of eternity I wage against the Russian government and myself and the 5th Reich is lost, and I already know that I have failed you.

For the sake of my daughter and her mother, I pray to God that they have survived, for my soul will never truly leave Stalingrad. Goodbye my dear girl, I love you.

And you, Kira. I love you too.

-Lieutenant Gregori Sadova

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Conscious Mind

Thou shall await wordless death

Emerging from a silent slumber

And thine pondering flight

Soon shall instigate

Binding forth a gazing soul

Unraveling the enigma of minds

And only those who wield the willpower

Shall control the labyrinth



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The Journal of Gregori Sadova (Entry Six)


May God one day find the forgiveness to cleanse my soul, for without His salvation, I fear that I may never see my daughter’s auburn hair in the warm sunlight of a beautiful winter morning. Nor without His protection from the evil that lies beyond the veil that is death, will I come to gates of Heaven. My faith has been nearly destroyed by the blackness that engulfs my sorrowful heart, but I shall never let it waver. I must eradicate the menace that lies in my soul, and never allow darkness to forever corrupt my heart.

I will find you Mariya, you and your mother. Of this I am sure.

-Lieutenent Gregori Sadova